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The company represents much more to me than just a workplace; it is a source of life, a place full of imagination and enthusiasm. I have grown within it, and over time, it has become an integral part of my family.

Nadia Zurli

Cose Belle Cose Rare doesn't practice the blowing of Murano glass following traditional techniques. Rather, it reformulates conventional principles, modifies established regulations, transforms, colors and weaves the material as if it were fabric, giving rise to an exaltation of chromatisms and floral decorations.

Angelo Colarusso

This vase is crafted with a very creative Murano technique "Puntinato". The dots are created and spreaded thanks to the "Rigato" technique.

Enhanced by the brightness of the bird's colors, only Murano glass can achieve suchs highlights

Simplicity is


Incorporating silver leaf and transparent hues into Murano glasswork is a revered technique that transforms contemporary objects into mesmerizing artworks. The silver leaf beneath the glass's surface creates a luminous effect, making the piece glow with an internal light, while transparent colors add depth and a sense of fluidity. This blend of materials not only pays homage to the rich heritage of glassmaking but also infuses modern-day items with a sophistication and timeless elegance that transcends their utilitarian purpose. Through this artistry, everyday objects become treasures, encapsulating centuries of craftsmanship and innovation.

Sinuosity is


The aquamarine hue in Murano glass captures the essence of the sea's ever-changing shades, evoking its serene beauty. This effect is heightened by the traditional Muranese 'incalmo' technique, where white is skillfully inserted within the glass, creating a harmonious blend that mirrors the frothy whitecaps against the tranquil sea. This unique combination brings a piece of the ocean's majesty into any space, showcasing the unparalleled skill of Murano artisans.

Classic is


The use of gold leaf in Murano glass imbues objects with a radiant glow and an air of classic elegance. This precious material, when nestled between layers of translucent glass, creates a luxurious depth and shimmer that is unparalleled. Such pieces reflect the mastery of Murano artisans, who blend ancient techniques with timeless aesthetics to craft items that transcend trends, offering a glimpse of opulence and lasting beauty.

Texture is

Verde Salvia

The use of green in Murano glass draws a deep connection to nature, evoking the lush vibrancy of forests. This color, adept at adding texture and depth, mirrors the intricate patterns of tree bark and the dense canopy of leaves. It creates a tangible link between the observer and the natural world, embodying the essence of the outdoors through its rich, organic palette, showcasing Murano's ability to capture the beauty of the natural environment in glass.



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