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Vases in blue and violet
Vases in blue and violet Sale priceFrom €599,00
Vases with decoration
Vases with decoration Sale priceFrom €149,00
High Murano vase with flowers
Vases in blue and violetVases in blue and violet
Cose Belle Cose Rare
Vases in blue and violet Sale priceFrom €599,00
Vases with decorationVases with decoration
Cose Belle Cose Rare
Vases with decoration Sale priceFrom €149,00
High Murano vase with flowersHigh Murano vase with flowers
Cose Belle Cose Rare
High Murano vase with flowers Sale price€899,00


Murano Glass


Our raw glass comes from the purest tradition of the Murano Island, where it's clearness and brightness are unmatched. We are proud to offer such an authentic story made of tradition, passion and innovation through high quality and luxury products


Murano glassmakers can employ a variety of techniques to evoke the textures of the aquatic world. The use of incalmo technique can create distinct layers of color, resembling the stratification of water depths. Glass can also be etched to create a frosted appearance, reminiscent of sea foam of ocean water.


Through the use of techniques passed down from generation to generation, each piece of glass is a unique expression of beauty and craftsmanship. We are dedicated to preserving the ancient art of Murano glass, enriching it with a new contemporary aesthetic


Our most unique creations are the parfume bottles. Their complex design and colors makes them unmatched with anything you've seen before. Our special line "Essence" is here and you can buy it from our Boutique


Every objects comes from a vision. Those visions are then shaped into drafts which helps, our deepest imagination, becomes alive.


Each one of the "shooting" branches, is handmade with care and the use of pure silk. This technique comes from old venetian traditions and was then transformed by us, into becoming an innovation's key of our production.

From unshaped stones to detailed and precise Objects

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